Solid Form Patents: Part I – Introduction and Laying the Genus/Species Foundation
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Using Solid Form Patents to Protect Pharmaceutical Products - Part I

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Using Solid Form Patents to Protect Pharmaceutical Products — Part II

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Webinar: Claiming Genus Solid-Form Patent Claims in the Post-Amgen v. Sanofi Era
October 5th, 2023
Solid-form patents provide drug substance patent protection for many pharmaceutical small molecule programs. Many of the claims of such patents are drawn narrowly to cover the specific crystal form of the corresponding marketed drug product. However, solid form screens often reveal multiple solid forms of an API and, as with traditional chemical structure claims, the resulting data may warrant genus coverage. Because the ability to predict solid form structures and methods of producing are more limited generally than corresponding chemical synthetic structures, enablement presents as a common challenge to overcome. The Supreme Court addressed enablement concerns in genus patents in its recent Amgen v. Sanofi case, albeit in the context of antibody drugs.

On Thursday, October 5, at 12 PM ET, please join Eyal Barash, Founder of Barash Law, in an in-depth conversation with moderator Gene Quinn, Founder, President & CEO of IPWatchdog. During this webinar, Eyal will address the enablement of genus solid-form patent claims through the lens of the Amgen v. Sanofi case and how such claims may be supported to better withstand Section 112 challenges.

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Life Sciences Masters™ 2023
ipwatchdog studios, ashburn, va
October 16-18, 2023
Jeopardizing Drug Development with Bad Policy: How to Properly Incentivize Biopharma to Get What We Need

SPEAKERS: Eyal Barash, Arthur Daemmrich, & Corey Salsberg

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