Moving in the Right Direction: Cocrystals and the FDA

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Using Solid Form Patents to Protect Pharmaceutical Products — Part I

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Using Solid Form Patents to Protect Pharmaceutical Products — Part II

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IP Watchdog Webinar
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March 1st, 2022
12:00-1:00PM ET

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IP and Contracts Workshop and Office Hours for Life Science Startups
october 26th, 2021

Greyhouse Coffee House
100 Northwestern ave.
West lafayette, IN 47906
If you are a member of a life science startup or are thinking of joining one, come listen and speak with Eyal H. Barash of Barash Law LLC.  Eyal is a patent attorney who focuses his practice in the life sciences and represents companies ranging from one person-startups to Fortune 100 companies.  Eyal will discuss methods of managing and identifying IP (not always what you think it is), how to think about due diligence for strategic transactions, when patents are important (and when they are not) and what kinds of contracts are important for different life science enterprises.  The discussion will be informal and refreshments will be provided.  Attendance is limited so reserve your spot soon.
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What is a solid form?

A solid form is the solid representation of a chemical compound.  Examples include polymorphs, salts, solvates, hydrates, cocrystals, and amorphous solids.

Why patent solid forms?

Solid forms are compositions of matter and Orange-Book listable as drug substance.  When the science is right, patenting follows.

How do you patent a solid form?

The same rules apply to solid forms as to any other inventions.  Careful attention should be paid to the kinds and quality of data used in solid form patents.


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