About Us

Eyal H. Barash is the founder of Barash Law LLC, an intellectual property and business law firm. Eyal is a registered United States patent attorney and has nearly two decades of patent law experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device, chemical, food, agricultural, semiconductor, and imaging arts. His clients range from publicly-traded pharmaceutical companies to emerging startups and enterprises in between. 

Why Barash Law?

For startups and other early-stage ventures, Eyal acts as general counsel and manages and develops intellectual property portfolios, negotiates license agreements, and leads due diligence activities when looking to partner intellectual property assets. For more mature firms, Eyal often acts as a consultant where he specializes in drug repositioning including 505(b)(2) strategies for small molecule pharmaceutical development.

Eyal worked at a large intellectual property law firm in Washington DC for 8 years and was chief patent counsel and general counsel to a small pharmaceutical company for 4 years prior to starting Barash Law in 2009. After obtaining Bachelor degrees in chemistry and history from Indiana University, Eyal received a Masters degree in physical chemistry from Berkeley with a focus on solid-state NMR. He was awarded his law degree from Northwestern University in 1997.