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IP Watchdog Life Sciences Masters™ 2022 -
Pressure Testing Solid Form Patents in Litigation

October 25th-26th 2022, Northern, VA

Eyal Barash will be joined by Debora Plehn-Dujowich of Eckert Seamans in a panel discussing key concepts related to both patentability and infringement of solid form patents on both the innovator and generic perspective and share their experiences in defending or attacking such patents.

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10th Annual Drug Repositioning and Repurposing Conference

November 14th-15th 2022, Washington D.C.

Drug repurposing is often directed to developing new methods or formulations of pre-existing drug substances, often taking for granted the drug itself.  As such, the focus of repurposing efforts is not directed to altering drug substance, especially in the small molecule context.  However, by altering the solid-state properties of a drug substance, it is often possible to alter its delivery properties and, at the same time, create valuable new drug substance intellectual property.  This presentation will discuss the strategy of deploying new small-molecule solid form drug substance patents for drug repurposing.

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Barash Law CLE Course

December 7th 2022, Lafayette, IN

Eyal Barash will be hosting a CLE course in which he will dive into the World Trade Organization's TRIPS agreement regarding COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. This course will offer 2.0 hours of CLE credit for $100. Proceeds of this event will benefit the Jewish Federation of Lafayette.

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